Dong An Cun (village) is situated near to the ocean, 30 minutes north-east of Zhuhai (in the Pearl-River-Delta) opposite to Hong Kong
Hongkong can be reached with Bus/Taxi and speedboat within two hours (day trip).
Guangzhou (Canton) can be reached with bicycle/taxi and the new speed train within one hour (daytrip).
Macao (former Portuguese colony) can be reached from Zhuhai by feet. (The Portuguese used Macao as a stop and trade point on their way between Lisboan and Nagasaki.)
Kai Ping is reachable by taxi for a good day price within two hours. (Diao Lous are fortified, mostly five  level houses, which were used in the countryside for defence and dwelling. Since 2007 they became listed by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.)
Foshan is reachable by taxi for a good day price within two hours, has gorgeous ceramic and paper-cut workshops.
And again not to forget: the village Dong An Cun itself and its surroundings; to be explored by feet or on bicycle at both day and night; hiking is possible through the near hills (middle difficult degree and you need a guidance); a village between tradition and “Tati” houses on its way to the NEWTIME.

xxxxxxxx ccmany greetings from Jaques Tati

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