You can rent two guestrooms, each with 2 (possibly 3) beds; one with sharing of the Chinese (!) toilette and shower, the other with associated western bathroom and WC.
Air conditioning is included..
Mosquito nets are provided.
Bedclothes and towels are also provided
The kitchen can be shared for the preparation of meals.
European breakfast (bread, butter, eggs, jam, cheese etc.) is included and available between 7 and 9 am.
Internet access (flat rate) is public.
Also there are two fully functional bicycles and more can be borrowed.
Sharing of the house yards, TV, and “dwelling table” in the studio hall are appropriate between 7am and 9 pm (more according to agreement).
Rooms, kitchen and bathrooms become regularly cleaned by “Na Na”. Angelika will be at your disposal with words and deeds.

Renting time :
Excellent from September to December; it is sunny, dry and at average 25° during day time and 18° during the night (in January and February the temperature can sink on to 8°).
Excellent from March to June; nevertheless it can be raining a lot but at very mild temperature (in July and August it becomes too hot and the humidity too high).

I suggest for clima information:  Taipa/Macao weather-station.

Expenses :
I prefer to limit rental to those lasting 7 days or more, as a way of promoting in the sense of “getting yourself involved” and countermanding touristy consumerism.
Guestroom 1: for two or three persons with associated bath
                        560.879 USD per week incl. western breakfast
                        each day more: 80.1581 USD, from two weeks: 12% discount
Guestroom 2: for two or three persons, sharing Chinese WC and shower
                        320.882 USD per week incl. western breakfast
                        each day more: 46.8005 USD, from two weeks: 12% discount

Guests with artistic profession (proof by homepage, Google, facebook etc.) will get 50% discount

Schedule :

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