Hello, my name is Angelika!

For the last four years I have been living very contentedly in China, where in addition to my studio work as visual Artist, I have been holding workshops in “Visual Creativity” on several Universities. About 25 years ago I studied Sinology, Art and Art History (University Hamburg, Art-Academy in Hamburg and in Hangzhou) and already at that time spent unforgettable two years in China.

My hall at >House Dong An< is operated as a working studio and my guests are welcome with pleasure to have a spiritual share on my permanent production.
Actual works can be seen: www.atelier-gaudi.de
During the summer months (July/August) I will be conducting creative workshops in Hanover / Germany; see: www.sommerakademie-brunnen.de

that's me xhier in einer Gruppe

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhere in a group of colleagues

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